Want to be pampered?

You have enough choice from a variety of massages that we offer.

Traditional Thai massage

The traditional Thai massage is a form of massage that is thousands of years old. This traditional form of massage is good for the energy meridians of the body. Pressure points are stimulated so that blockages in the body can be reduced or eliminated.

Even if you do not suffer from these complaints, the traditional Thai massage is a complete relaxation. It cleanses your body and you will be more energetic and feel totally relaxed.

Relaxing oil massage

The relaxing oil massage makes you totally relaxed. The hot oil will reduce muscle tension, increase flexibility and stimulate the internal organs. The oil massage also brings the energy back into balance.

The lady finishes the massage with a body-to-body. The lady slides and spins on your back in a sensual way and gives you a wonderfully relaxing ecstasy.

Tantra massage

This massage is a full body massage with sensual touch and intense erotic temptation. This massage stimulates and increases the sensuality. During the Tantra massage, your entire body is treated through touch, caress, stimulation and massage.

4-hands massage

2 ladies pamper simultaneously, each in their own way.